It seems the Government and Sport England agree with our efforts to help increase social investment opportunities for community sports and sport based social enterprises in England.

“DCMS has been working with colleagues in Sport England and the Office for Civil Society to understand the opportunities that exist for sport in terms of alternative income, including different types of social investment.

Last year, Sporting Assets, a social enterprise with the mission to grow a resilient and impactful community sports sector, soft-launched ‘Sporting Capital’, a new social investment fund focused on community sport. Sporting Capital offers social investment to sporting organisations to help them to become sustainable by developing new, or retaining and expanding existing revenue streams. In addition, Sport England has published further guidance and support on its website to help organisations to better understand social investment.”

The fund that we launched late last year has now approved its first investment and is actively looking for more. To find out more please visit

Alongside Sporting Capital we have a specialist team that can help organisations prepare to take on social in investment. Third party funding may be available to help finance this support. To discuss these opportunities please contact

The Full DCMS Sporting Future report is available at: