Sporting Assets worked with the Club Support Managers (CSMs) team to pilot a new approach to club improvement around the country.

This involved developing a method to assess where clubs currently stood against key criteria such as facilities and governance, and where they wanted to improve. The pilot was collaborative between the clubs and the CSMs, with a facilitated discussion to systematically go through the criteria, a review of what plans, information and policies that a club had or knew they needed, and then an action plan developed by the CSM with the club for them to work on over the next year.

Sporting Assets developed the process and accompanying documentation, trained the CSMs in its use, and teamed up with CSMs to work on individual pilot clubs – both to offer insights from clubs in other sports and to ensure learning from the pilot was identified and fed into the approach that was agreed at the end of the pilot project.

Emma Hurst, the lead CSM for the pilot said: ‘We really enjoyed working with Sporting Assets and felt they could bring insights from their work on other projects. It was particularly helpful to have them involved in the focused discussion with individual clubs where they could ensure a common approach to them all and to the follow up actions.’

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