Health-check Tool

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James Mathie
Senior Consultant

Informed by our experience of supporting over 250 sports and leisure organisations, we have developed a health-check tool to help groups reflect on their performance and progress.

The tool breaks down a sports and leisure organisation into 6 main areas with a deeper dive into 30 sub categories. Groups self-assess against these areas with the information transferring to a simple summary, giving you a clear assessment of your organisation.

We offer a service to review a groups self-assessment, with a focussed discussion on potential development areas that are then captured in a plan for groups to take forward.

The development tool stays with the group and is designed to allow the process to be revisited, tracking progress over time.

The tool is designed for groups who own, or are responsible for managing facilities, albeit many of the areas are relevant for all sports and leisure organisations.

If you’d like to learn more about this tool please contact James Mathie